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Traveller Stove – Heating Up The Glamping World

One of the best things about glamping in our opinion has to be the addition of a woodburning stove to keep the accommodation nice and toasty…a far cry from camping, where (from bitter experience) you can’t sleep because you’re so cold! The below article has been provided to us from Anevay Stoves, mainly for glamping owner’s to find out more in case they want to use them in their accommodation, but also thought it would be of interest to glampers too!


Anevay is a Cornish company who make stoves that help you make the most of your outdoor experience. These stoves are popular within the glamping community because they are stylish and quirky without any functionality being compromised. A lot of thought clearly goes into the design of these products and they are really fun to use.

Anevay originally started making stoves for humanitarian aid, with their Frontier stove being sent out to disaster zones all over the world. Now they are putting their expertise into developing stoves for the retail market, helping people enhance their off grid lifestyles.


The Traveller stove is just perfect for yurts. It is made of steel and has a base plate for increased stability and catching any stray embers. As it is multi fuel, you can stoke it up so the fire keeps you toasty overnight meaning winter camping is no longer an issue.

Their Controlled Open Flame Technology (COFT) means when you cook on the Traveller you can have better temperature control by choosing to cook on the open flames or not. It has two removable warming plates so you don’t have to rely on one pot meals, meaning you can be just as adventurous with your food as you are with your location.

We love that it is available in a range of colours meaning that it can tie in with whatever colour scheme you have in your yurt. The glass door also means it is a great focal point, who doesn’t love being hypnotised by fire?

You can purchase an Aluminium storage box as an extra which means you can store and carry the stove with flues easily and safely. It does get a bit heavy so it might need two of you to carry it, but it is so worth it.

Bushcraft Camping Stoves sell flashing kits so that you can safely fit the Traveller stove in yurts, Bell tents and summer houses. People have even been fitting them in their vans! It is a versatile stove that no glamping trip is complete without.

Photos taken at Mill Valley Yurts in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

If you would like more information on the Traveller Stove or any of Anevays products please go to or phone on 0191 340 0525.

Taken from Glossy Camping, published on July 7 2014.

BioLite Portable Grill

BIOLITE_Grill_Birdseye_Shot_Web-Gsllery-648x498Feed yourself. 
Feed your fire. 
All at the same time.

The BioLite Portable Grill provides a safe, seamless, and fun way to cook your favorite foods on the wood-burning BioLite CampStove. The unique design allows you to keep sizzling while your fire keeps burning, all without the need for charcoal or propane.

Wood Fired Flavor and Fun

Cooking with wood just tastes better. Forget the petroleum based fuels and infuse your meals with savory flavors and good times with friends.
Easy to Refuel
Re-stoke your fire in a snap. Flip open the Fuel Intake lid and have direct control of your flame levels without disrupting your grill surface.
Compact Portable Design
Easy to fold legs and a durable plastic travel cover allows you to grill and go without mess or hassle.

BioLite Portable Grill

grill_tech_specs-2Cooking Area: 55 sq inches

Folded Size: 9.5 x 12 x 3.5 inches

Unfolded Size: 9.5 x 12 x 10.5 inches

Weight: 1.875 lbs

Fuel: Solid biomass. For use with BioLite CampStove only.

In the box: BioLite Portable Grill
Instructions Manual + Grill Cover

Lowfields Logs – Firewood Supplier

Are you finding it hard to buy the firewood to power your stoves?

In our industry we come across firewood suppliers and been working with Lowfields Logs who supply firewood from their yard in Stokesley. Jim Kendall from Lowfields delivers firewood to your door free of charge within the 10 mile radius of the Lowfields Farm with additional cost from 10 miles upwards.

Firewood Supplies in Middlesbrough

Firewood is the perfect way to heat up your bushcraft experience, or even in your home through a wood burning stove. With Lowfields firewood delivery service your firewood will be delivered to your door via their tipper truck.

lowfields logs

lowfields logs

Lowfields also cover the following areas:

  • Darlington
  • Hartlepool
  • Redcar
  • Guisborough
  • Thornaby
  • Northallerton
  • Whitby
  • Saltburn
  • Seaton Carew
  • Newton Aycliffe

If you are unsure if Lowfields Logs will cover you area, call them on 07858626434 or email on

The company is launching a website very soon at

Frontier Stove’s Controlled Open Flame Technology (COFT)

The Frontier Stove has many functions, to warm, to cook and to boil. This is all down to the Controlled Open Flame Technology that Anevay put into the stove. They also apply the technology to the fantastic new range of Traveller Stoves.

Frontier Stove COFT

Frontier Stove COFT

One of the USP’s of the Frontier camping stove is that it provides an area to cook direct to the flame to ensure maximum heat from the flame to the cooking pot/pan. So have this with controlled airflow, a simmer pot and a flue damper is the recipe for success whether you are out in the garden, the shed, by the lake or in the forest.

The controlled air flow allows the oxygen to the fire flow via an adjustable door vent, whilst the flue damper controls the maximum amount of air allowed through the stove to increase fuel efficiency and heat. Whilst the simmer pot is an area for gentle heating and simmering that ensures heat is held in the stove for maximum heat transfer.

Compact, lightweight and versatile makes the Frontier stove perfect for the back yard, the patio or the camping trip. Keep you, your family and friends warm to extend your season whilst cooking outside and relaxing.

Frontier Stove Water Boiler

Frontier Stove Water Heater

Frontier Stove Water Heater

The Frontier’s Water Heater boils and keeps water hot, or you can use any flat bottomed kettle to the heat plate. You can even remove the pot-hole to sit the kettle, or pan, directly in the way of the flame.

The water heater features a stop top to top up your cuppa and give you a continuous supply of hot water.

It will wrap around the flue of your stove and sit on the simmer pot. Of course, ensure you sit it on the heating plate to boil.

Frontier Stove Safety

As with many wood and multi-fuel burning products it is recommend to use a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm to ensure safety when in an enclosed space.

When using the stove for the very first time, please be aware of the odour of burning manufacturers residue. Bushcraft Camping Stoves recommend that you ensure your shed or tent is well vented for the first use. The smell will disappear quickly with increased heat. Then you are good to use the Frontier stove as you wish.

What do you get?

The Frontier stove comes with:

  • 1 x section of chimney with rotating baffle
  • 1 x ash catcher
  • 4 x chimney sections
  • 3 x steel legs which fold into a neat bundle

Frontier Stove Stats

  • Height with chimney is 2.4m
  • Diameter of chimney is 6cm
  • Height of cooking surface is 51cm
  • Weight of the whole stove is 12kg

You can buy extra flues and other accessories on our website.

Frontier Camping Stove in Action [Images]

Camping Stove Fun: Here is a couple of image of our very own sausage party using the Frontier Camping Stove.

Frontier Camping Stove & Sausages

Frontier Camping Stove & Sausages

Bushcraft Camping Stoves Team

Bushcraft Camping Stoves Team

The Bushcraft Camping Stoves team tried out the Frontier Stove to test two things. First was how it performed as a space-heater out the back of our warehouse. The second was to feed the hard working hungry lot. The Frontier Stove excelled well in both.

Biolite Creates Supersize To Power Christmas


Since BioLite has already perfected stove design and garnered the highest achievement known to man with their HomeStove, there was only one thing left to do: make it bigger. The 2012 Core77 Design Awards-winning company is continuing its mission to bring light and heat to everyone by powering the Brooklyn Christmas tree with their new super-sized thermoelectric stove / generator. Sure, the Dumbo FirePit is a meant to be a festive holiday installation, but we can’t help but think of it as a way to commemorate the launch of the Design Awards program earlier this week.


The generator—a giant, 500-pound outdoor fire pit—will use their signature technology to produce enough wood-burning electricity to light up the Christmas tree, keep visitors warm, run a cell phone charging station and put on a light show. Not only does the superstove pack some heat, it pumps out a fair amount of juice as well: According to BioLite, the structure creates 1,000 watts of electricity—enough to charge 400 cell phones. Although the company doesn’t have plans to bring it to market—it may travel for other pop-up events—it’s a worthy successor to Pensa’s Street Charge, which was also supported by a small grant from the hyperlocal DUMBO Improvement District this past summer.


If you did’t make it, don’t worry—the fire pit will be powering through the cold weather with fire-fueled festivities taking place from December 12th–23rd nightly until 8pm.