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Frontier Stove’s Controlled Open Flame Technology (COFT)

The Frontier Stove has many functions, to warm, to cook and to boil. This is all down to the Controlled Open Flame Technology that Anevay put into the stove. They also apply the technology to the fantastic new range of Traveller Stoves.

Frontier Stove COFT

Frontier Stove COFT

One of the USP’s of the Frontier camping stove is that it provides an area to cook direct to the flame to ensure maximum heat from the flame to the cooking pot/pan. So have this with controlled airflow, a simmer pot and a flue damper is the recipe for success whether you are out in the garden, the shed, by the lake or in the forest.

The controlled air flow allows the oxygen to the fire flow via an adjustable door vent, whilst the flue damper controls the maximum amount of air allowed through the stove to increase fuel efficiency and heat. Whilst the simmer pot is an area for gentle heating and simmering that ensures heat is held in the stove for maximum heat transfer.

Compact, lightweight and versatile makes the Frontier stove perfect for the back yard, the patio or the camping trip. Keep you, your family and friends warm to extend your season whilst cooking outside and relaxing.

Frontier Stove Water Boiler

Frontier Stove Water Heater

Frontier Stove Water Heater

The Frontier’s Water Heater boils and keeps water hot, or you can use any flat bottomed kettle to the heat plate. You can even remove the pot-hole to sit the kettle, or pan, directly in the way of the flame.

The water heater features a stop top to top up your cuppa and give you a continuous supply of hot water.

It will wrap around the flue of your stove and sit on the simmer pot. Of course, ensure you sit it on the heating plate to boil.

Frontier Stove Safety

As with many wood and multi-fuel burning products it is recommend to use a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm to ensure safety when in an enclosed space.

When using the stove for the very first time, please be aware of the odour of burning manufacturers residue. Bushcraft Camping Stoves recommend that you ensure your shed or tent is well vented for the first use. The smell will disappear quickly with increased heat. Then you are good to use the Frontier stove as you wish.

What do you get?

The Frontier stove comes with:

  • 1 x section of chimney with rotating baffle
  • 1 x ash catcher
  • 4 x chimney sections
  • 3 x steel legs which fold into a neat bundle

Frontier Stove Stats

  • Height with chimney is 2.4m
  • Diameter of chimney is 6cm
  • Height of cooking surface is 51cm
  • Weight of the whole stove is 12kg

You can buy extra flues and other accessories on our website.

Frontier Camping Stove in Action [Images]

Camping Stove Fun: Here is a couple of image of our very own sausage party using theĀ Frontier Camping Stove.

Frontier Camping Stove & Sausages

Frontier Camping Stove & Sausages

Bushcraft Camping Stoves Team

Bushcraft Camping Stoves Team

The Bushcraft Camping Stoves team tried out the Frontier Stove to test two things. First was how it performed as a space-heater out the back of our warehouse. The second was to feed the hard working hungry lot. The Frontier Stove excelled well in both.