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Traveller Stove – Heating Up The Glamping World

One of the best things about glamping in our opinion has to be the addition of a woodburning stove to keep the accommodation nice and toasty…a far cry from camping, where (from bitter experience) you can’t sleep because you’re so cold! The below article has been provided to us from Anevay Stoves, mainly for glamping owner’s to find out more in case they want to use them in their accommodation, but also thought it would be of interest to glampers too!


Anevay is a Cornish company who make stoves that help you make the most of your outdoor experience. These stoves are popular within the glamping community because they are stylish and quirky without any functionality being compromised. A lot of thought clearly goes into the design of these products and they are really fun to use.

Anevay originally started making stoves for humanitarian aid, with their Frontier stove being sent out to disaster zones all over the world. Now they are putting their expertise into developing stoves for the retail market, helping people enhance their off grid lifestyles.


The Traveller stove is just perfect for yurts. It is made of steel and has a base plate for increased stability and catching any stray embers. As it is multi fuel, you can stoke it up so the fire keeps you toasty overnight meaning winter camping is no longer an issue.

Their Controlled Open Flame Technology (COFT) means when you cook on the Traveller you can have better temperature control by choosing to cook on the open flames or not. It has two removable warming plates so you don’t have to rely on one pot meals, meaning you can be just as adventurous with your food as you are with your location.

We love that it is available in a range of colours meaning that it can tie in with whatever colour scheme you have in your yurt. The glass door also means it is a great focal point, who doesn’t love being hypnotised by fire?

You can purchase an Aluminium storage box as an extra which means you can store and carry the stove with flues easily and safely. It does get a bit heavy so it might need two of you to carry it, but it is so worth it.

Bushcraft Camping Stoves sell flashing kits so that you can safely fit the Traveller stove in yurts, Bell tents and summer houses. People have even been fitting them in their vans! It is a versatile stove that no glamping trip is complete without.

Photos taken at Mill Valley Yurts in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

If you would like more information on the Traveller Stove or any of Anevays products please go to or phone on 0191 340 0525.

Taken from Glossy Camping, published on July 7 2014.